Color Palettes Part 1: Online Tools & Inspiration

I didn’t realize until I started working on this post, that I have a LOT to say about color palettes! I guess that probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise to most of you – I am a graphic designer after all. I’ve decided to break up my palette posturing into multiple posts. Today’s edition:…

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Vector Illustration

Crisp, original artwork that brings a sense of fun and whimsy to projects big and small.


Print Design

Direct mail, ads, business cards – professional print design to meet your every need.



Creative logo and identity services to help your business stand out from the crowd.


Photo Editing

From minor touch-ups to photoshopping your cat on the space shuttle, Made by Squirrels has you covered.

Ellie Beaulieu

Ellie is a designer, illustrator, foodie and general weirdo from Portland, ME. She often literally dreams in vector paths. Nothing excites her more than learning something new.

When not glued to her computer with a cat in her lap, Ellie can be found experimenting in her kitchen, doodling on restaurant napkins and living vicariously through the squirrels her backyard.

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